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How Long Does It Take For Websites to Get Ranked on Google?

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    14 Jul 2022
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How Long Does It Take For Websites to Get Ranked on Google?

Designed, developed and published websites should be directly shown beneath the search box, right at the top of search results on Google's first page. Website developers strategize significant ways to put it correctly. To reach the top of search rankings, the website is to qualify for Google's parameters. How the websites come up at the top of Google's rankings needs to fulfill Google's requirements of finding those pages and adding them to the search results.

By using an Algorithm, Google can match the query to the countless pages exiting on its file. The algorithm takes more than 250 factors into account, which include the keywords, content tags and titles. Even the Page Rank is even incorporated by the algorithm. PageRank is a separate program measuring the importance of each page based on the traffic quantity and quality from the other sites.

How does Google Find the Web Pages?

Google operates through the three primary functions –

a. Crawling

Searching the Internet for user-specific content, Google bots look over the contents or codes for each URL

b. Indexing

Storing and organizing the contents found at the time of the crawling process is the second step. As soon as the page is in the Index, it is listed in the running for being displayed to the users as a result to solve their queries.

c. Ranking

The website contents deemed to be the best answers to the query are shown – the results are in most relevant to the least relevant order.

By using the automated software Google bots, Google crawls the Internet, when the Google bots detect new websites along with the new updates done on the existing websites. Google bots collect all information on a website.

When an online search is being done, Google will be looking through its searchable index and fetch the relevant results. Based on the popularity and value of the website providing the information, ranks the website.

How Long Does A Website Take To Get Found and Ranked on Google?

As has been mentioned, Google uses more than 250 factors in its ranking algorithm, but the most crucial factors are even related to how long the website takes to be ranked in Google are discussed below -

i. The Website’s Age

Just 5.7% of pages that are a year old or are recent, rank in the top 10 searches on Google. It indicates the older web pages earn more credibility from Google, which is shown to the end-users browsing web.

Older websites have more advantages over the new line. The users know how can the fully furnished website help them. But when the web page is new, the Google algorithm takes some time to build up trust and decide how well should it serve the users.

ii. A Clean and Concise URL

The URL functions as the outward face presented to Google. A simple, concise and clear URL is easy to understand and assures the readers that the displayed contents are relevant to their searches. These URLs rank higher on Google. URL affects the ranking – a precise URL elevates the speed to higher the ranking process.

iii. A Clear Domain Name

Effective as a website's name, a domain name is a URL the users are typing into their browsers for accessing the website. For the domain to reflect the website's niche, using relevant keywords is essential. With a relevant and fitting domain name, targeting relevant audiences and accelerating search ranking placement becomes easier.

iv. Easy to Read and Understand Contents

Google treats the websites based on skilled content. High quality and unique content boost the site's rank. Language and expression with keywords insertions in content help Google to distinguish a website from its competitors. When the users browse to find solutions to their queries, then Google can quickly help them by displaying the ideal website on its first search page containing the answers to their issues.

Contents should be error-free, well-edited and offer distinguished output to the viewers. If the contents are still in demand, then the website comes up to rank within three to six months.

Google bots have been designed for identifying the characteristics, which include how often the new content is being published, how original is the content, post length and overall quality. Adding original content to the page makes the search bots search for the page which finally leads to higher rankings.

v. Keyword Competition

Before building an SEO strategy, knowing the competitors is important and for which keywords they have ranked higher on Google. Keyword selection is like choosing the recent search trends. Most often searched words and phrases state them as highly competitive. The existence of more established websites in the same industry provides an advantage in ranking for all the popular searches. Building up trust for new websites is easier. New sites can be ranked through keywords with lower competition levels.

vi. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is to ensure the website's visibility to Google bots as well as to the other indexing programs. This list comprises titles, headlines, and keywords along with ALT image texts. How the web page optimization is done creates a great difference regarding how fast they will rank. Often times staying above keyword optimizations is needed, particularly when the chief areas of concern are page titles, body tags (H1, H2 and more), URL, image SEO, meta descriptions, meta tags, and so on and so forth. Being apt with the keyword density implies overstuffing keywords is strictly forbidden.

vii. Website Page Speed

Google adores fast-loading websites and web pages. Not to forget, even website visitors prefer quick-loading websites. It holds true for the websites attempting to take advantage of Google AMP for mobile ranking. Briefly speaking, as quick as the website or webpage loads, the website is more likely to rank faster and higher on Google.

viii. Website Should be HTTPS

HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure protects the website's connections. With the presence of HTTPS, SEO is better influenced since Google has a preference for an HTTPS connection over HTTP. So, installing an SSL certificate aids in website ranking.

ix. Gaining High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links redirected towards the website, which are important for SEO since Google credits the websites having quality and more backlinks from a list of trusted sources. So, a link-building campaign serves as a profitable idea, along with the sources where the links will be placed.

As stated by multiple sources, a website takes about 3 to 6 months on average time to rank on Google through SEO techniques. This period of 90 to 180 days is based on the competitiveness of the particular industry and keywords' popularity. But following the steps mentioned above sets the website ready to get ranked on Google.

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