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Through our mobile app development services, rich experiences are shipped to the small screens, it is then translated to business success, flexible operations, and better consumer engagements. We fulfil mobile app development services by deeply understanding and implying mobile technology and user experience. Our mobile app development services work with multiple ecosystems for delivering scalable iOS Apps, Android Apps and Web Apps, we can create an optimum impact on the end-user. We have every solution for designing and developing mobile apps having digitised processes and integrated complex data sets as complete communication channels.

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Mobile Application Development

Android App Development
Android App Development

Result-oriented, enticing Android App Development solutions for small and medium businesses, start-ups and enterprises - we implement with equal enthusiasm.

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iOS App Development
iOS App Development

For consumer and enterprise iOS App Development for the complete Apple products, we strictly follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

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Hybrid App Development
Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Apps Development is done on Android and iOS platforms just from one codebase, by using Iconic and React Native frameworks to deliver feature-loaded apps.

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We Create Mobile Apps To Give
Outstanding Experience To Users Under High Loads

Customised mobility solutions complementing your present mobile strategy and business goals - is where we specialise. For you to experience a revolutionary enterprise mobility solution - we shall devise a mobile technology platform strategy, mobility architecture and mobility success roadmap. With our innovative techniques, we create technical and functional requirements analysis, examine the product’s visibility along with devise compatibility, while unlocking customer engagement - so you can achieve maximum value out of your mobile initiatives.

Mobile App Design
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Launching

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of making an app?

Most apps, we develop here at Eclick Softwares and Solutions, on an average cost in the range of USD 7000 – USD 8000, nevertheless, it depends on the app entirely. Since certain factors influence the time for developing an app, and hence the cost. The factors like supported platforms, complexity and the level of polish influence the development cost for the app.

How long does app development take?

The time taken for app development equally depends on the app. A simple app could be developed around 2 to 2 and half months.

Does app development is more cost bearing for an app working on Android Phones and iPhones?

This is an earlier story, and no longer. iPhones and Android devices are using different operating systems and apps which are written in different languages Java and Objective C, respectively. An app that should be supporting both platforms should be written in both languages. Earlier it meant effective double app development cost and time – till React Native had been introduced. Different from the other cross-platform frameworks, React Native completely writes native code for Android as well as iOS. Hence, it means the apps written with React Native can perform exactly as same as the native apps while sharing a single source code base.

How To Choose A Mobile App Development Platform?

Some basic questions are to be answered before a mobile app development program is chosen - a. Who is your app’s target audience and What do the users expect? b. How much are the development costs? c. What all are the security implications? d. How well will the mobile app development platforms be integrating with the other platforms?

What are the solutions the mobile app development service experts provide?

The mobile app development services, we are providing at Eclick Softwares and Solutions include – a. Custom Android and iOS app development & Mobile app porting b. Cross-platform app development and progressive web app development c. UI/UX design services & Consulting and prototyping d. Automated QA services e. Power management, geofencing and notification services f. Embedded Android and Android Open Source Project (AOSP) customizations g. Maintenance and continuous support

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