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Branding & Identity Design

Your brand is the foundation of your business. It is the reputation, which your company has built up in the market. It is in fact a powerful communication tool that can connect your service or product to your target audience.

A brand image is thus the most important and valuable asset for your business and can reflect who you're and what you represent; your culture, values and personality.

  • create a new brand for your product/service
  • re-brand your company
  • position your brand
  • increase your brand awareness
  • develop brand loyalty

Eclick's Branding Advantage

We have worked for a number of clients over the years helping them develop a strong and appealing brand identity.
We take pride in bringing different brands to life.

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    We offer you professional assistance from our experts. No wonder.

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    We offer you professional assistance from our experts. No wonder.

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    We offer you professional assistance from our experts. No wonder.

Eclick's Branding Services

Along with a one-off website redesign, we offer continuous redesign services, enabling iterative evolution of your website that helps to always keeping it in accordance with your latest business objectives.
Logo Design
Logo Design

First, our designing and UX specialists clearly understand the needs, and then devise the winning solutions for function and form. We innovate specific areas for eCommerce development.

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Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity

Our created designs strengthen brand credibility, create a trusted shopping ambiance, and give a convincing reason to return. We collaboratively achieve them for eCommerce web development.

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Brochure Design
Brochure Design

We can turn the well-laid plans to realize excellent results in the entire website building process, thanks to the platform expertise and experience of our designers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a brand be developed?

A strong brand is effective to spread and sell your messages to benefit you. While introducing new products and services meeting the standards of the prevailing offerings, then launching new branded lines becomes a great deal. Your brand serves as your ambassador, advocate and attracts new customers while reassures them, thereby bringing in a new flow of customers.

What makes a brand successful?

A successful brand is always attentive to their market, and introduces a new way for keeping their target market's interest. Strong brands never fear to innovate.

Why is brand building important for small businesses?

A strong B2B brand ensures the brands are standing out and cutting through in their category – giving a reason to the customers to select that very particular brand to engage in business over the competitors. Creating customers with a predisposition towards the brand along with the increased willingness in trying it, helps to shorten the sales cycle.

How does the small business build up a brand?

Branding takes the recognizable symbol form so the consumers can easily identify them, like the logo. The well-known examples include McDonald's garden arches, the swoosh of Nike, Apple's apple. A logo is concerned about mindshare.

How far can a brand be stretched for covering new products and services?

Only when the same brand values are all appropriate to the new additions, then the brand name can be stretched for covering new products and services.

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