Corporate Identity
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By creating aesthetically appealing stationery designs, we help our clients to build up long relations with the end-customers who are searching for their products and what to know what their brand is representing.

Translating Your Brand Identity Into Form For Telling A Unique Story

We clearly understand how significant is a great looking corporate identity. Hence, we ensure the message is a positive one with a clean and consistent design that reflects business identity.

So, whether the requirement is for the business cards, envelopes, letterheads, posters, banners, corporate brochures, billboards, folders, magazines or leaflets – our team own the needed skills and expertise for handling all the unique requirements -

  • Structured information presented in a concise and clear, professional and visually attractive manner
  • Aesthetically appealing business materials at the time of representing your business, and the very significance of your services and products
  • Invoking confidence and extending brand image beyond the target audiences as well as more into the extensive demographic.
  • Solving challenges by using our creativity and design capabilities.
  • Breathing life into brands by telling their story creatively through designs, marcoms and technology.

What Are We Offering for Corporate Brand Identity?

Beginning with a discovery phase, our brand strategists deeply understand our clients' needs and contexts. Next, we guide our clients to understand better of their identities while positioning them around their core values. After that, we use this contextual framework as the base of our recommendations on designs, voice, typography and messaging.

  • Experts Services

    Our experts offer professional assistance so that our clients’ logos and graphic designs stand out from competitors.

  • Something More Than Designs

    As creationists, we aim at converting creative ideas into reality. We implement technology in the process to deliver end to end solutions for increasing brand awareness.

  • No Surprises. Only Fixed Prices

    We refrain from hidden costs which the client might have to pay with the project being done. From the start, we offer a fixed price quote.

  • Appreciable Communicators

    Our communication skills enable us to provide a superb solution to our clients. We update them through email, telephone, skype.

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What Makes the Corporate Identity Design Services So Important For A Company?

A company gets noticed with its corporate identity. The customers relate the companies with corporate identity as the firms having a deep sense of seriousness, as well as commitment towards its target customers, and that is how the company’s reputation is built.

So, the corporate identity is the added value for the businesses, since the companies with corporate identity are believed to hold tangible values. For instance, a mission, vision and philosophy. Tangible aspects must be added for representing these values. The brand is reinforced with typography, complementary graphic elements and corporate colours – thus the company is given a stronger image.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Corporate Brand Identity Mean?

The entire visual components representing the location, target audience and brand philosophy is termed as the corporate brand identity. Corporate brand identity empowers emotions as represented by the brand and makes them visible. Hence, being consistent is important, along with having space in the same style each and everywhere.

What Should Be Considered While Designing A Brand Identity?

Brand identity design is all about aesthetics, strategy and brand values. It is for this reason that the brand must be positioned strategically, its target audience determined and values decided. A sophisticated brand needs to be both youthful and accessible. Hence, the visual identity must be developed on these values.

What Are The Main Four Elements Involved In Identity Design For Brands?

Different brands prefer different visual design styles. Nevertheless, the four indispensable elements serving the foundation are the logo, colour, font and typography and images or photographs.

What Are The Steps Involved In Brand Identity Design?

Our Corporate Brand Identity design methodology involves three steps -

  • Defining - Brand evaluation, competitor analysis to make brand definitions
  • Designing - Making compatible and original and trendy visual designs
  • Delivering - Files are delivered for all relevant scenarios on preparing a Brand Guide and source files for brand sustainability.
What Are All Encompassed By The Brand Identity?

Corporate brand identity is based on logo, typography and colour palette. An updated and authentic logo and colours integrated with definitions of brand, and typography correctly convey the brand's message. Visual assets prepared on this, using the different brochure formats, one-pagers, catalogues, social media images and Google ad designs ensure consistent marketing. Added to it, stationery like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, notebooks and bags along with wayfinding like signs and signboards belong to brand identity materials. Even corporate presentations and presentation templates are categorised under brand identity. Often, a tree or a scent is even a part of brand identity, as the cabin odours of airlines.

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