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Create the building blocks of your brands foundation

Our logo designers can help you fly this flag the right way so that you can have your dream customers saluting. A stunning logo awaits!

Uniquely Designed Logos Representing A Business Brand

Eclick being one of the leading logo design company, work on designing unique logos for a purpose, which is elevating our clients’ identities. Our creative team work closely with the client, pay heed to their requirements, comes up with a strategy and formulates the designs which turn into a strong brand reflection.

With thought, we combine both creativity and trend to create 100% unique and custom-designed corporate logos. As a logo design company, we deliver logos for web and print versions. Rather you have valid reasons to trust us to get a business logo designed –

  • Give a professional look to your business brand
  • Start with designing your business logo within your budget
  • Provide minimum turnaround time
  • Based on your business needs and budget, we custom design stunning logos
  • Our professional logo designers will correspond to bring up optimal results

Here is How Our Goal-Based Logo Design Process Looks Like

To design an effective logo, at par with other logo design company in terms of quality, our logo designers put in effort on research, attention to detail thought and care for the ultimate logo to stand out from the crowd. Through these processes, we target the exact target market and transmit the right business message.

To design logos projecting the immediate impact and clarity for a business brand, these are the four steps we follow –

Order Online OR Else Over the Phone

Whatever you find comfortable, get in touch with us to hire us for getting a logo designed for you. We are available over the phone call for your convenience. Even, we shall respond when you upload your project in Upwork and Freelancer and award us your project.

Get An Initial Logo Design Concept

To design the perfect logo targeting the correct market, we gather all the needed information aligned with your business goal to create the design brief. Next, we go ahead with researches and discovery for the potential ideas to brainstorm the logo design.

Request Revisions & Client’s Approval

With the designs being ready, a PDF document will be created for displaying the designed logo designs. We wait for you to review and send us the feedback. If needed, then we shall improve and modify, as per your requests and create the version up to your approval.

Delivering the Final Logo

As soon we receive the finalization in the form of approval, we will transfer the complete copyright of the finally done logo to you. Anyhow, it does not end here, for we are banded with the updates to support you. Overall, we shall deliver the logo to launch it as your new identity.

Why Should You Go With Us To Get A Logo Designed?

Quick Delivery

On receiving the project, we start working on the researches for designing the logo, so we can update our clients, and deliver as per the agreed time.

Reasonably Priced High-Quality Results

Specializing in attractive logo creation, we create highly practical business logos that will be your business identity and stand the test of time.

CLIENTS Are our Chief Focus

Our designed logos are our clients' business representation, objectives and end-customers' inspiration exactly how should they be inspired.

Extensively Experienced

Thanks to our wide experience at designing a series of logos, we can perfectly design the exact size logo for any business across any industry.

Design A New Logo

We are the logo creators, our clients are the owners. As soon as the logo is done, we deliver them to our clients to suit their essential needs.

What is Visible is What Is Received

We detain from hidden costs. Our quoted price is the exact price our clients are required to pay. If they choose other services, then the charges are different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Important Is A Logo To A Business?

A logo is a brand representation, and the well-crafted logo gets carved in the customers’ memory for a long term. The logo becomes a symbol which the customers associate with the given business.

What Is The Importance Of Vector Format In A Logo?

A vector logo is available in the digital format that is composed of various lines and shapes, apart from pixels. It is easy to resize a pixel logo and can be made cleaner and crispier. From the Eclick logo designing team, the clients get a cost-effective illustration for their professional vector-based business logos.

Should A Graphic Symbol Be Included In The Logo?

Logos help the audience to understand the type of trademark. "Logotype" means only the text part. Trademark, in general, is likely to have any representation in the form of graphic, textural or else combined - for instance, emblem, icon, wordmark, etc. Contexts and objectives define the ones to be chosen.

How Long Does It Take For A Logo Design To Be Completed?

Typically 2 – 3 weeks is the turnaround time to complete a logo from sales. The workload is even considered. Timescales are equally dependent on response time, along with the additional changes to the designs.

Who Will Own The Copyright?

With the final logo design is signing off, and the last payment received, the full copyright ownership of the logo will be transferred to the client that is the business owner. Our right is reserved till showing the logo as part of our portfolio.

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